Loose Joints 003_Outlaw Producer

Winter Solstice. 14th Bak’tun / Cosmic rebirth. Christmas. Mele Kalikimaka. Kwanzaa. A new gregorian year. Festival of Lights. Festivus for the rest of us. Whatever you’re celebrating, here is our sound salute to the fluidity and grace of space and time, to the fishermen and fisherwomen casting nets wider and deeper into the realms of heart and mind.

In honor of new cycles of time, fish and righteous outlaws, Big Love Archives presents Loose Joints 003, an exclusive mix of all originals and original remixes by Scott Hebson aka Outlaw Producer. Two things we can say about Mr Hebson. He is co-founder of Austin’s own Elevater Action; a record label, weekly party at local/historic dive club Plush, and dj/producer crew consisting of VVV, Dylan C, FBOM and DJ Fiction. He is also, and perhaps most importantly, a man of heart.


Loose Joints 003__Outlaw Producer

Outlaw Producer - Intro
Dylan C - After Hours [Outlaw Producer’s Many Moons Remix]
Fbom and Outlaw Producer - Extreme Temperatures
Fbom and Outlaw Producer - Who Are You?
Remote Guest List - They Don’t Know [Outlaw Producer Remix]
Outlaw Producer - Ninjas
Outlaw Producer - Coastal
Outlaw Producer - I See
DJ Yayyay - Micro-Chips [Outlaw Producer Remix]
Wheez-ie - Choke Hold [Outlaw Producer Remix]
Mama Testa - Estoesparauds [Outlaw Producer Remix]
Mama Testa - Wet Feet [Outlaw Producer Remix]
Outlaw Producer - Slow Jam
Outlaw Producer - Enclosed


Peace to our fisher friends & family

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